How a mere book affected me.

Words are in my not so humble hey opinion our most exhaustible source of magic capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.”
-Albus Dumbledore

Though the Harry Potter novels revolve around witchcraft and wizardry,they have a solid foundation of the kind of magic that is very much rooted in the real world and it’s hardly an exaggeration to say that the book has cast an unbreakable charm on my life.

Harry Potter taught me to be proud of Who I am .It taught me that sometimes the best people can make the worst decisions and that all you need to get through life is a few great friends. Those were the days when reading became my new routine, when I would collect and devour my books ,then find a corner of our house to claim it as my cupboard under the stairs where I would store my treasured novels. The experience surrounding the books meant a lot more to me than its content. I found Hermione a likeminded learning enthusiast who not just reassured me that there were kids like me out there but also motivated me to excel. Though I’d also say that reading this novel has its own ill effects on my life when quite so often I found myself muttering summoning charms instead of getting up and fetching an object myself to hitting getting black eye when I tried to copy the extremely swift wand movements.

From being utterly devastated when I got no letter from Hogwarts, to seeing an owl making me excited, my life has always been controlled by Harry Potter. There were days when I tried to make the broom fly, I drank my milk pretending that I was actually at a pub in Hogsmeade drinking butterbeer, when a cat crossing my way wasn’t considered a bad luck but an animagus of Professor McGonagall and the days when my Google history was just brimming with Hogwarts sorting to character quizzes.

When the truth dawned on me, it was an extreme displeasure that I would never be able to see a match of Quidditch and would just have to continue with my Muggle studies, but I knew deep in my heart that I owed a great deal of love and gratitude to Ms.Rowling and that these novels are and will always be a cherished part of Who I am. ALWAYS.